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Door Drop Trade Show Marketing

How does door drop marketing work?

We work with the official show hotels to arrange to have our clients’ materials delivered to the hotel room door of each person registered under the show’s room block.

What are the benefits of using us instead of the hotel?

We do all the legwork!

Instead of having to contact each hotel and work out the logistics, send the materials and have separate checks generated for each hotel, our clients deal only with us. We do everything.

We save our clients hours of tedious and frustrating detail work.

Is all of this convenience expensive?

Because we work with several exhibitors at each show, we are able to combine all Door Drop items in a single door hanger bag. So not only do we offer the convenience of doing all the work, but we also are able to charge our clients less than they are able to obtain on their own, working directly with the hotels and doing all the work themselves.

Do exhibitors need approval from show management to use our services?


Exhibitors must contact Show Management for approval in writing prior to us working together. We only work with approved exhibitors. Want to get approval for your event? Contact us!

How is this marketing better than using technology?

Ask yourself...

Does a restaurant tell you to download their app to look at their menu? Sometimes it’s just more effective to hold an old fashioned piece of paper in your hand. A hard copy of your promotional material, delivered directly to the hotel rooms of trade show attendees, is a great way to reach new people.


Want to learn more?

Are you exhibiting at a meeting at which you would like to do a Door Drop?  Please complete our “Request Info” form and we’ll be in touch promptly!

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