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For Trade Show Managers

Finally, a cost-effective exhibitor Door Drop Service… We are The Door Drop Specialists. Door Drops are all we do. Convention Communications’ Door Drop services are not bundled with any other services.

How do you benefit from our services?

  • Your retain control. Convention Communications works within the rules you have established for Door Drops.
  • All materials must be approved by Show Management before we work with an exhibitor.
  • We do not work with non-exhibitors.
  • If you choose, all Room Drops can be required to go through Convention Communications for maximum control, or we can simply be offered as an optional service for those exhibitors wishing to take advantage of our convenient service.
  • Ask us about other benefits and incentives of requiring that all Door Drops go through Convention Communications.

How do your exhibitors & sponsors benefit?

  • Your Exhibitors and Sponsors save time by not having to find and coordinate the details with the proper person at each hotel.  When more than two or three hotels are involved, this can be quite a challenge.
  • They save work by not having to ship their promotional materials and payments to each hotel individually.  They work only with us.
  • They generate more booth traffic by having their messages delivered directly to the hotel rooms of attendees, where they can have their undivided attention.
  • They save moneyConvention Communications’ prices are lower than an individual exhibitor can negotiate by working with the hotels themselves.  And we do all the work.
  • And results are measurable.

Want to learn more?

Are you exhibiting at a meeting at which you would like to do a Door Drop?  Please complete our “Request Info” form and we’ll be in touch promptly!

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